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There is much confusion on what it actually takes to melt away the belly fat and get your mid section “beachbody” ready. The lifestyle choices that we make each day will determine how much of a fat burning machine that we create. Here are some the top methods proven in the latest research that actually do work. Losing The Belly Fat... Read more
Sarah from Orlando, FL Writes: I am 54 and have been dealing with high cholesterol for over ten years. My doctor has me on a statin medication. I do need to lose some weight. What can I do to help lower my cholesterol naturally? Dear Sarah, Cholesterol has its challenges for so many people. I think our perspective on cholesterol... Read more
Susan from Austin, TX writes: My husband has recently been diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. His doctor wants to start him on some medication. He is 42 years old and about 30 pounds overweight. Are there any lifestyle changes that he can make? Dear Susan, Diabetes and blood sugar related health challenges are topping the list in... Read more
Annette from Miami, Florida writes: My mother has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. The doctors say it is early. What can she do each day to help with this? Can she do anything with her lifestyle? Dear Annette, Alzheimer’s can be a very sad and scary diagnosis for everyone involved. We are learning more in the... Read more

Almost a decade ago, America’s Health Coach, MD ®, Dr. Asa Andrew launched weekend one-hour radio on one station with the support and help of radio icon, Dave Ramsey, and his team. After that local station was flooded with emails and phone calls after just the first show, Dr. Asa Andrew was asked to do an additional hour, and then another. In less than a month it became a 3-hour weekend show with some of the highest ratings in that local market just 6 months of being on the air. Soon an opportunity opened with the largest company in radio and media, iHeart Media to turn it from a weekend show into a 3-hour daily syndicated talk show. A new health movement had begun.

Currently with 52 million viewers on our daily television show and over 3 million listeners in radio, Dr. Asa Andrew and his team have launched the world’s first all digital on demand lifestyle entertainment network. The Dr Asa Network is all health On Demand. With programs ranging from the latest in medical, fitness, nutrition, natural health, and lifestyle medicine, the Dr Asa Network is creating and producing original content to empower people to live extraordinary lives. Personalized health care is the consumer taking responsibility for their daily lifestyle choices. Dr. Asa Andrew and his team are leading the curve in providing a network of programming that is on demand and accessible for our busy daily lives.

Dr. Asa Andrew has a practical, common sense approach for everyone, regardless of his or her health and lifestyle goals. What started with a bedside manner to provide hope and encourage others still remains the same today. Our media team is developing a new system to help you thrive in your health from our daily programming to personalized health care partnerships like our Lifestyle Providers. Our mission is to see you thrive in your health and live the amazing life you were designed to live.