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Getting Lean in Just 5 Minutes a Day

by konrad / 09 Dec, 2016

Ever get tired of those long workouts? Does walking on the treadmill seem like it is never going to end, day in and day out? It’s always about working smarter with anything in life.

Natural Help for Acne

by konrad / 09 Dec, 2016

Healthy skin seems to be a great indicator of health. As a matter of fact we tend to make remarks about the “glow” that people have about them.

Why Onions Are So Healthy

by konrad / 06 Dec, 2016

Vegetables contain powerful nutrients that can transform our health. One that has much research behind it is the onion. Onions contain many healing benefits to help support better overall health.

Top 5 Reasons You Are Waking Up At Night To Pee

by konrad / 06 Dec, 2016

Are you waking up in the middle of the night to pee? The health term is called nocturia. Has your doctor told you that all of your blood work looks fine, and they don’t know why this is happening?

Why Are You So Angry?

by konrad / 01 Dec, 2016

Anger is a normal emotion for many. Let’s face it, we all get angry at times. It’s not that we get angry, because emotions are normal.  It is what you do with the anger that makes the difference.

The Top 5 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

by konrad / 01 Dec, 2016

Fat loss and losing weight are some of the most sought after keys people are looking for today. We have more information than ever, yet we are more overweight than ever. Why? There is a lot of information that continues to contradict itself.

Top 5 Reasons We Need Vitamin B-12

by konrad / 29 Nov, 2016

It is quite easy in our daily routine to develop vitamin and mineral deficiencies due to our standard American diet and lack of proper food choices. We are all on the go and sometimes it becomes more difficult.

To Eat Or Not To Eat Before A Workout

by konrad / 29 Nov, 2016

Do you skip meals hoping that the rumbling in your tummy will help burn more body fat? There has been much discussion about whether eating before a workout is beneficial for burning more fat and building a better bod

Avoid These Top 5 Foods To Improve Indigestion

by konrad / 22 Nov, 2016

Indigestion has become a common theme with many people today.