Who We Are

At The Dr Asa Network, Dr. Asa Andrew and all of us here have a different way of looking at health and life. People say that we’re simple. They say that our approach is too easy. Well truthfully, we are simple and health really is that easy. The human body is very complex; however, health is nothing more than understanding basic physiology and applying some lifestyle-based common sense.

For many years, Dr Asa Andrew has been educating people just like you about what it takes to live a healthy life and avoid health challenges. Really, Dr Asa teaches how to live the life you were designed to live. Here at the Dr Asa Network, we help people find the best health insurance policy available in America today, which is making healthy lifestyle choices. Basically, we teach you to take responsibility for your health. It’s about lifestyle choices that we make every single day. The choices we make today will determine the health we will have tomorrow. Eighty percent of the health challenges we face today are diet and lifestyle related. What does that mean? If we can lifestyle our way into getting sick, then we have the hope to potentially life-style our way out and live well. And we’ve lived this out first hand so we can empower you every single day.

While Dr Asa Andrew was studying to become a doctor, he was part of a nationally acclaimed motivational strength and athletic speaking team. Being the smallest in stature on the team at 200 lbs, he was forced to gain weight. Rather than taking the typical shortcuts to gain outstanding physical size and going against his message to young people, Dr Asa began eating massive amounts of calories. Dr Asa Andrew eventually rose to 300lbs of muscle. Then he noticed his health was failing. Bouts of fainting, night sweats, and extreme fatigue became the norm. After a visit to a physician, Dr Asa found himself facing the beginning stages of a disease called diabetes. However, with the valuable information that he learned in one of his many doctoral programs, he knew this was a lifestyle-related illness. So Dr Asa Andrew faced a decision to either take medication or take responsibility for his own health and future. Dr Asa had life-styled his way into this health challenge of pre-diabetes, so by radically changing his daily choices, he knew that he could lifestyle his way out. He eventually lost 70 lbs. yet remained very strong but now in good health. By learning from this personal health challenge and meeting many around the country who have life-styled themselves into similar situations, it was the enlightenment he needed to blaze a trail and work to improve the health of others and teach them the tools to live an extraordinary life.

The word "Doctor" literally means "Teacher." Here at the Dr Asa Network, Dr. Asa Andrew and our mission has always been to teach and help others achieve the life they desire. Throughout our years of research and patient care we found that we spend more time trying to repair our health than preserve our health. During this time we realized a powerful, yet simple principle. Our health is our greatest wealth. From this concept we understood what people were constantly searching for. It wasn’t to look like the latest Hollywood star, but it was to live a high quality of life full of energy and vitality for as long as we are here.

So Dr Asa Andrew formed our company in 2004 to educate, empower, and equip people to take responsibility for their health and their life. We formed the Dr Asa Network to help those who were already thriving in their health and to give Hope to those struggling with tough health challenges. For years we have worked with thousands in an integrative healthcare model helping them find common sense answers for their health and their life. Throughout our research in various areas of health care including: clinical nutrition, conventional medicine, diagnostic testing, naturopathic medicine, osteopathic medicine, acupuncture, fitness, strength and conditioning, chiropractic medicine, and physical therapy it provided the experience and education necessary in understanding most aspects of health and how the body works. It taught us that there is one promising diagnosis out there - Hope. 

So Dr Asa Andrew and his team of experts developed a new system based on natural, lifestyle-based principles that looks at the whole person. It is a lifestyle-centered approach that blends a common sense with solid conventional science to help many attain and maintain extraordinary health. 

Instead of focusing on symptoms, which your personal physician can handle, Dr Asa Andrew and the Dr Asa Network wanted to develop a system to help others make better lifestyle choices and deal with the root of their health challenges. Health is integrative. Therefore, people must be looked at individually in three primary areas; Mentally, Physically, and Nutritionally. We realized that all three areas had to be addressed before one could experience the vibrant health they were searching for. 

Currently as a lifestyle medicine focused health media company, we dedicate our time to serving you each day on our radio, television, and web-based broadcasts designed to give you relevant information to empower your health and your life. Along with our daily shows, the Dr Asa Network began a new era whereby we use these lifestyle principles in not only teaching the public, but also connecting with health care providers how to best serve their patients in preventative, lifestyle, and wellness-based care and practice with integrity. We will continue growing each day with new ideas and ways to give you the best prognosis in life - Hope.

In our meager beginnings, Dr Asa Andrew was approached by a publisher to write a book that quickly became a national best-seller called based on principles Dr Asa had learned throughout his years of practice, education, and good old common sense. A friend of Dr Asa Andrew , Dave Ramsey, helped him start a local radio call-in show and now has grown into a daily nationally syndicated show.

At the Dr Asa Network, our short company history is full of landmarks leading up to us now having over three million listeners, the launch of our new study curriculum, our upcoming new book, our new TV Show– and we’re not slowing down. The Dr Asa Network now has a variety of products and services to help you reach your health goals. We learned early that if we help enough people, we could make a lasting impact in communities across this nation: listeners getting a new diagnosis of hope, readers applying their first Daily Health Steps and changing the way they to eat following the Anti-Inflammatory Diet, funding for Diagnosis HOPE: our non-profit organization dedicated to education, and empowering others to become a voice of Hope. We learned early on that if we help enough people, everything else would follow.

Our passion statement is who we are:

The Dr Asa Network is providing biblically-based, scientifically-proven, common-sense health information to educate, empower, and equip everybody with HOPE to attain and maintain an extraordinary lifestyle.

We hold live events around the country and see the amazing response and testimonies of lives being changed and people’s health being transformed. Dr Asa Andrew and our team’s desire is to help you live the life you were designed to live. No matter what your health challenge might be. You were designed to live an extraordinary life. There is a way to a vibrant life. Our goal is to equip you by giving you the tools to restore you to be a better you… a healthier you.

There is a purpose for your life. Regardless of how you have been living, there is a more excellent way. Regardless of the challenges you are facing, there is a way out. Remember, your past does not define you. The choices that you make today, those lifestyle choices will define you. Our team is here to serve you toward your health goals. Because remember, your health is determined by your choices. No one else can do it for you. The doctor can't do it for you, your husband can't do it for you, your wife can't do it for you, your kids can't do it for you, and your friends - they can't do it for you either. Only YOU can take responsibility for your health. The choices you make today will determine the health you will have tomorrow. Thank you for visiting our website! Wherever you are in the health process – beginning the journey, on the quest for extraordinary health, struggling to get your health back, absolutely thriving, or challenged in a hospital bed – let us know how we can help you take you to the next level in your health and life transformation. Remember, there is HOPE to live better.