About Us


At The Dr Asa Network we are a health digital media company that has a strong emphasis on evidence-based clinical excellence. Much of what you hear Dr Asa Andrew discuss on his shows are a result of what we do clinically with our patients every single day here at our clinics and our centers of excellence.

Visit us in person at our locations in the beautiful Beverly Hills of the South location Buckhead Atlanta, our sunny destinations in Orlando or Miami Florida, breathe again at our beautiful resort and spa location in the Blue Ridge Mountains, or have a personal consult anywhere in the world by phone or video.

Our Clinical Approach is Unique – at The Dr Asa Network, our clinical division has a unique combination of evidence-based lifestyle medicine, clinical nutrition, and exercise science that is leading the way in evidence-based natural health care. Dr Asa Andrew and our team has developed to offer a new system of health care that will one day be offered everywhere, but right now is available in very few clinics in America. Dr Asa and our team were innovators 15 years ago and we continue to keep up with the latest science by empowering your health. This means that we are especially effective with difficult cases and can help you create a personalized lifestyle plan that can help you succeed.

We Give You What You Want – making the focus on you. At The Dr Asa Network, our priority in our clinical division has been listening to our patients and making their desires our main emphasis. With our wellness specialists, you will be supported and loved no matter what your situation may be. Your options will be carefully explained and valued. Whether you are with our practitioners in person, via video, or by phone, you will have quality time to spend with our specialists. Dr Asa Andrew and our clinical division has instilled certain core values with our team and so will enjoy the best of care from the first encounter, to each visit, and every follow-up as we are a dedicated lifestyle-driven team to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

At The Dr Asa Network, our clinical division specializes in lifestyle-based health challenges whether you are 7 or 97 to help you reach your amazing potential. We would be thrilled to welcome you as a new patient. You can simply call us at 888-599-9355, or you can fill out the form below.

We look forward to serving you!