The Top 5 Natural Nutrition Tips for Heart Health

Written by Dr Asa Andrew

Heart disease is the leading killer currently in America. Wow. We see it every day in our clinics and I get tons of emails and calls on my radio and television shows. Can it really be that difficult? It doesn’t have to be. There really are some basic strategies that we can be following each day that will help us overcome many of the issues that we see with cardiovascular health challenges. The real key to reversing and seeing massive change in heart health is found in several basic tips that I will narrow down today to help you achieve your heart health goals. It is always the consistency that you have that will help you excel and prevent and even reverse many cardiovascular issues that may land within the heart. As I frequently say on the radio show If you have been diagnosed with anything like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or athlerosclerosis, be encouraged. The heart is very resilient. If you give the body what it needs, it can recover. Here are some natural steps to help you reach your goals for empowering your health.

1.Eat More Fatty Fish
The research is ultimately clear. If you don’t like fish, then I ask you hold your nose while you eat. Kidding…but kind of not really. Fish like salmon and mackerel have been researched to show that the Omega 3 fatty acids are vital for heart health. Usually only 2 grams were used in the studies to show radical improvement in our health. If you are vegan, then you can get it from flax seeds and various vegetables that contain ALA (alpha linoleic acid) like squash. However, due to convenience, my favorite is a great tasting cod liver oil.

2.Utilize CoQ10
A powerhouse nutrient. With cholesterol issues many studies have shown that up to 300mg per day yields a great result. Many ask me as a health coach if you can get CoQ10 in foods? You can get it in foods such as beef, sardines, mackerel, spinach, broccoli, and cauliflower. 

As I write this newsletter, magnesium is probably the most deficient nutrient we have today due to our declining soil quality. Using magnesium reduces the stress on the heart and improves the functions of over 300 plus processes in the body. The best type is magnesium glycinate and chelate.

4.Plant Based Diet – Especially Dark Leafy Greens
Eat a plant based general diet every day. It’s full of fiber, massive amounts of phytonutrients, and essential B vitamins to protect the cardiovascular system. We even have an organic greens powder that I typically use when I am on the go.

5. Two Eggs A Day
Finally all the research has caught up with how important eggs are with cardiovascular health. We know now that choline and lecithin in the yolk can be helpful in supporting overall heart health. 

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