The Top 5 Exercises That Help Arthritis

Written by Dr Asa Andrew

One of the largest clinical trends we are seeing today is in the form of joint related pain called arthritis. Arthritis can be mild to the very severe in the form of osteoarthritis and even an autoimmune condition known as rheumatoid arthritis. However in the fitness and exercise science world we are learning how we can transform the health of how well we move and our mobility by utilizing certain exercises that have been proven to help those impaired by arthritis. The key exercises that can help begin with certain ancient fitness methods that you might have asked about and recognize, but have never attempted. Lets dive into some of these proven exercises for winning the battle against arthritis. 

Listen, Yoga has taken the fitness scene by storm. There was a study at the University of Washington that showed that those who did yoga twice per week cut their arthritis medications in half. So it might be time to check out your nearest Yoga class.

2.Water Aerobics
This is like Richard Simmons style, but in the water. Many classes are being given now using various exercises. These classes are amazing on the joints and can help in rehabilitation. Warm water is always the best.

This is one of my favorites. The stationary bike is safe and effective when it comes to getting the body in a great cardiovascular shape. It’s low impact and easy on the joints. Just like any health coach I’m going to tell you, No more excuses! Make sure to use a bike where you are sitting in a normal biking position, not the recumbent bike style where you are lying back like you are in a recliner. 

4.Tai Chi
Tai Chi is the other ancient form of fitness that helps with arthritis pain. Tai Chi helps with overall mobility, balance, and relaxation. There are many classes now in most areas. Tai Chi provides slow and graceful series of movements that will help provide a full range of motion for empowering your health.

5.Resistance Exercise
Time to hit the weights. The days of staying away from exercise because you hurting are over. The new research says that if we don’t use it we will lose it. We must keep giving the body some form of exercise for it to adapt and become better. 

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