Do allergies have you in a tough place. Whether seasonal, regular, chemical, or food-based allergies, Dr Asa will help provide natural remedies and solutions to get the relief that you are searching for.

Dr Asa is America’s Health Coach and is discussing on the Dr Asa Network about how to find natural hay fever relief. Allergies can strike anyone at any time and can be debilitating in some circumstances. Watch as Dr Asa describes why hay fever occurs, and what types of natural solutions there are to ridding... Read More

Sami From North Dakota Writes: My daughter is struggling with constant fall allergies. She is 36 and never seems to be getting any relief. Do you have any suggestions on how to get this corrected naturally? Dear Sami, Allergies can be extremely annoying and challenging to our day-to-day routines. I know first hand. As a teenager, I had extreme allergies and received allergy shots up to... Read More

Dr Asa Andrew is empowering your health through new ways of learning how asthma may be avoided. Many times we think health challenges are coming from our family history. If grandma or grandpa had something, then we assume we may get it as well. Asthma comes with a new understanding that our dietary choices make the greatest... Read More