Blood Sugar Health

Beat the blood sugar blues! Diabetes and other blood sugar conditions challenge millions of Americans every year. A former Honorary Chair of The American Diabetes Association, Dr. Asa delivers new research and lifestyle-based methods to help you win including latest medical breakthroughs, diet and nutrition, and exercise tips.

Dr Asa Andrew is on the Dr Asa Network helping clear the air about low blood sugar in this new video about hypoglycemia. Low blood sugar can be as challenging as high blood sugar in someone’s life. The challenges are similar in how it impacts our health and well-being. Listen as Dr Asa teaches us new cutting-edge methods of how... Read More

Diabetes has taken our country by storm. The obesity rates are now reaching epidemic numbers. Seventy percent of America is overweight and almost forty percent is obese. For the most part, our diet and lifestyle are the root cause of these numbers. It’s not our family history and genetics causing this to happen, but rather our ability to make better choices. The great news is there are some... Read More
This week on the Dr Asa Network Samuel has been dealing with severe neuropathy for many years. He asks Dr Asa (@DrAsa) for his thoughts regarding typical neuropathy care and what can be done for it. Dr Asa explains some amazing new tips that can help severe neuropathy for empowering your health. Many times neuropathy is looked at as being a challenging condition. Dr Asa shares with... Read More

See as Dr Asa discusses new natural ways to overcome the worldwide epidemic of blood sugar related issues and diabetes. In this video Dr Asa helps you with some quick tips to help you walk in better health and create better lifestyle choices. Learn how exercise and diet play major roles in helping you fight against diabetes.... Read More