Diet and Weight Loss

Shedding the weight has never been so easy! Dr Asa explores the latest weight loss trends. What works and what doesn’t work in the field toward winning the battle of obesity and looking and feeling your best.

Fat loss and losing weight are some of the most sought after keys people are looking for today. We have more information than ever, yet we are more overweight than ever. Why? There is a lot of information that continues to contradict itself. There are proven strategies that can help you lose weight naturally and keep it off. All we have to do is understand the main principles that can help... Read More
This week on the Dr Asa Network, Dr Asa (@DrAsa) helps you get lean by learning how to locate the body's nutritional deficiencies. Many times when you are attempting to drop the body fat, the love handles stay put and the hips and thighs won't budge. America's Health Coach, Dr Asa tells us this week on Empowering Your Health how our blood work that we review with our doctor is essential... Read More
Burning the extra body fat can be frustrating. There are some basic steps to follow to hit your goals and it is more than just a pill or a routine. Burning fat fast is found in some simple steps that you must follow each day to win the battle of the bulge. The secrets are found in understanding how to create a system that works with your body. Great eating, and plenty of exercise are equally... Read More

This Health Coach Minute has Dr Asa Andrew on the Dr Asa Network teaching us how losing the last 15 pounds in weight loss can be easier than we once thought. Weight loss has many theories and we are learning how making the right choices each day can help. It all comes down to how certain... Read More