Digestion is your key to optimal health. Dr. Asa dives into the world of digestive health including leaky gut, candida, acid reflux, IBS, and inflammatory bowel conditions.

Dr Asa Andrew (@DrAsa) is on the Dr Asa Network discussing the importance of avoiding acid reflux and heartburn. Listen, acid reflux is affecting so many people now that the proton pump inhibiting drugs are some of the most prescribed today. Dr Asa is teaching how there are natural... Read More

Indigestion has become a common theme with many people today. Clinically, we see so many having digestive-related issues, taking the purple pill, and doing their best just to deal with the gas, bloating, belching, and many of the other common conditions associated with not breaking down our foods properly. The research now tells us that we can greatly improve our health by making some key... Read More
Dr Asa (@DrAsa) discusses on the Dr Asa Network about the necessary benefits of our eating habits and how it directly impacts us for empowering your health. Jack calls Dr Asa, America's Health Coach, to help see how he can overcome some recent colon concerns, including diverticulitis from his doctor. Dr Asa goes through the natural solutions to better help Jack make quality decisions on what to... Read More