Heart Health

Dr Asa reveals the top ways to support a healthy heart. Learn nutritional tips, exercise routines, and other lifestyle-based principles that can even reverse heart disease.

Listen on the Dr Asa Network this week as Dr Asa helps Tammy walk through her heart challenges. She is following her doctor’s recommendations and is looking for ways to improve her lifestyle. Listen as Dr Asa Andrew teaches Tammy how to reach and overcome some of her own learned habits that have been keeping her from reaching her goals.  Dr Asa designs on the Dr Asa... Read More
Heart disease is the leading killer currently in America. Wow. We see it every day in our clinics and I get tons of emails and calls on my radio and television shows. Can it really be that difficult? It doesn’t have to be. There really are some basic strategies that we can be following each day that will help us overcome many of the issues that we see with cardiovascular health challenges. The... Read More

See Dr Asa unveil some great tips for helping with high cholesterol only on the Dr Asa Network. Here we will see some new natural methods listed by Dr Asa Andrew to help us learn new ways to support a healthy heart and improve our hormone system. Dr Asa is America's Health Coach and is on the cutting edge of research on what can... Read More

In today's Health Coach Minute listen as Dr Asa discusses new ways to overcome one of the most discussed health topics in America today in high blood pressure. Watch here on the Dr Asa Networ as America's Health Coach shows you proven steps in the research that can help you support high blood pressure ... Read More