Joint Health

Joint aches and pains including arthritis reduce the quality of life of millions of Americans. Learn as Dr. Asa gives us great new information regarding new medical treatment options and natural methods to cut down on the pain.

Listen on the Dr Asa Network this week as Dr Asa helps Martha walk through her challenges with arthritis. She is following her doctor’s recommendations and is looking for ways to improve her joint related pain. Listen as Dr Asa Andrew teaches Martha how to reach and overcome some of her own learned habits that have been keeping her from reaching her goals. Especially when it... Read More
One of the largest clinical trends we are seeing today is in the form of joint related pain called arthritis. Arthritis can be mild to the very severe in the form of osteoarthritis and even an autoimmune condition known as rheumatoid arthritis. However in the fitness and exercise science world we are learning how we can transform the health of how well we move and our mobility by utilizing... Read More
Listen on the Dr Asa Network as Dr Asa helps Julia overcome pain and numbness in her hands. Many times the pain and inflammation can be caused by neurological breakdown in the cervical spine leading toward carpal tunnel syndrome. Many times, however, it can be linked nutritionally to certain key areas. Listen as Dr. Asa teaches new natural ways to support a healthy nervous system... Read More
This week on the Dr Asa Network Samuel has been dealing with severe neuropathy for many years. He asks Dr Asa (@DrAsa) for his thoughts regarding typical neuropathy care and what can be done for it. Dr Asa explains some amazing new tips that can help severe neuropathy for empowering your health. Many times neuropathy is looked at as being a challenging condition. Dr Asa shares with... Read More

Dr Asa Andrew is discussing how our bones can be dramatically healthier by our daily lifestyle choices. Osteoporosis is a concern for many women today as well as our growing senior population. Dr Asa discusses on the Dr Asa Network how our lifestyle choices, the foods we eat, and the exercise... Read More

Dr Asa Andrew helps us understand the challenge with gout, the pain, and what to do about it with natural medicine for empowering your health.

Dr Asa Andrew is America's Health Coach and is explaining natural ways to beat and overcome arthritis. Many people globally are suffering with joint degeneration, aches, and pains. There are many natural solutions to now combat this serious health challenge. Our diet and exercise are key steps that can help you overcome arthritis and get back to easier daily living. Watch as Dr Asa Andrew... Read More