Are you waking up in the middle of the night to pee? The health term is called nocturia. Has your doctor told you that all of your blood work looks fine, and they don’t know why this is happening? There are many reasons why you might be getting up at night to urinate and it may be due to something other than a prostate condition for you men and overactive bladder for you ladies. Let's take a... Read More
Out of all the conditions that we frequently see in our Center for Lifestyle Medicine clinics, I would have to say that lack of sleep is close to being at the top of the list. Insomnia is becoming an epidemic with many people today. What is the root cause of it? The main issue with people not being able to sleep lands in the category of the stressors and schedule that many people keep each... Read More

Listen as Dr Asa teaches on the Dr Asa Network what it takes to get better sleep for the body by making healthier lifestyle choices with insomnia. This Daily Health Minute you will see as Dr Asa Andrew creates new understanding on how a health is supported naturally by sleeping better for overall rejuvenation for better lifestyle choices.... Read More

Dr Asa Andrew discusses on the Dr Asa Network how important sleep is for proper health. Dr Asa is America's Health Coach and will be explaining how the right amount of sleep can be the determining factor for optimal health and longevity. Learn as Dr Asa teaches you some of the latest research... Read More