Known as a state of being whole. Dr Asa explores this new field of healthcare emerging to help others attain a better state of lifestyle and healthier living.

Listen as Dr Asa describes on the Dr Asa network what it takes to live healthier with consistent ways of getting lab tests and blood work. This Health Minute you will see as Dr Asa Andrew creates understanding on how a health is maintained naturally by including blood work and lab testing. Dr Asa explains some of the latest... Read More

In this Health Coach Minute watch as Dr Asa Andrew helps show you the reason that we suffer with low energy. Many times we look to caffeine to help us have more energy, yet it is certain hormone systems in the body that can be causing us not to have the high energy levels that we are used to. Dr Asa tells us on The... Read More

Dr Asa Andrew discusses the need for a properly functioning gall bladder. There are natural ways of supporting the gall bladder and empowering your health.

Dr Asa helps us understand how restless leg syndrome can affect many with constant movement. Learn natural ways using basic principles to overcome this nagging health challenge for many.


Watch as Dr Asa, on the Dr Asa Network, discusses how halitosis, or bad breath, can be coming from a gut that is unhealthy. Many times we learn that a stinky gut can equal stinky breath. Our digestive system must be healthy for us to be healthy. Listen as Dr Asa, America's Health Coach teaches natural ... Read More